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29 May 2021

The bride

A free spirited dreamer who thinks big and worries about the details later. A beautiful person that constantly pushes the boundaries of her man by putting him in various situations that typically turn out to be the best memories of their lives. A sweet woman that puts a smile on his face no matter the place. A bright burning soul that expresses her true love for the planet, and all things in it. A dedicated woman that brings out the spontaneity of her other half. Angel Mia Garcia, the soulmate of Erwin Horvath.

The Groom

A detail oriented problem solver who calculates his next move to ensure the best possible outcome. A wise soul that shows his intelligence, character, kind heartedness, and philanthropy in every moment with his better half. A charming man, that keeps his sweet dreamer woman in a perpetual state of happiness by being her best friend first. A devoted man who is her biggest support system in all endeavors constantly expressing his true love. Erwin Horvath, the soulmate of Angel Mia Garcia.

Our love story

First time we met

She was an aspiring traveler making cocktails at the local lounge in Downtown Hollywood. He was a charming rebel to society whose aspirations were limitless. Little did they know, together they would grow and reach beyond the boundaries of life.

First date

The first date was on the breathtaking sea shores of Hollywood Beach, where they shared a fine meal, a bottle of red wine, and stories under the vivid moonlight. They laughed and created everlasting memories that sparked the beginning of an everlasting relationship.


The moment he placed himself upon a knee in the subfreezing temperatures of the beautiful state of Colorado surrounded by mountains, snow, and horses disguised as reindeers. He asked and she answered.


The answer was yes. This was the commencement of a year of planning to formally set the bond of love in stone between the two.

Wedding events

The Ceremony

  • Lightner Museum Courtyard, St. Augustine Florida
  • May 29, 2021 6:30 PM

The ceremony of Angel Mia Garcia & Erwin Horvath will occur at the beautiful courtyard in the historic Lightner Museum Castle.

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The Reception & Party

  • The White Room, Grand Ballroom, St. Augustine Florida
  • May 29, 2021 7:30 PM

The reception of Angel Mia Garcia & Erwin Horvath will occur at the ballroom of The White Room.

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The suggested attire for the events are shown below. We politely ask that our guests refrain from white attire.

“ I love her and that's the beginning and end of everything. ”

F. Scott Fitzgerald
-American Novelist

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